Friday, April 29, 2011

Steve Wynn: I-Dogs DVD An 'Amazing Document'!

"An amazing document of an exciting time when punk-rock was still in the petri dish," writes Steve Wynn of the Dream Syndicate, Danny & Dusty, Gutterball,the Miracle 3, the Baseball Project, and a fistful of solo albums fame here after witnessing the Imperial Dogs' Live! In Long Beach (October 30, 1974) DVD.

Monday, April 25, 2011

'Imperial Dogs Make Antiseen Seem Like Poseur Phonies!'

"I'm pretty much a fan of any hippie-baiting act, but this performance takes it to the nth level. It even makes Antiseen seem like poseur phonies. Love the Blue Oyster Cult version, but shit, this one kills," writes Daniel Presnell after witnessing the video clip of the Imperial Dogs' original version of "This Ain't The Summer Of Love," taken from the Live! In Long Beach (October 30, 1974) DVD, here on his La Doublure blog.

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Imperial Dogs Go-Go To Hollywood-A-Go-Go!

The Imperial Dogs' performances in Hollywood ranged from making their public debut at noted Sunset Strip nitespot Gazzari's on March 28, 1974 -- and promptly getting banned for life! -- to playing the first of two gigs at the legendary Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco, where they were introduced by Kim Fowley and the band's spiritual godfather, Iggy Pop, was in the audience. They also faked beating up a guy in a wheelchair, which sent half the Rodney's crowd running screaming onto the sidewalk outside ...

The stories behind these events -- and a pair of photos that've never appeared elsewhere -- can be found here at Betty Lynn's fabulous Hollywood A Go Go site.

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Imperial Dogs = "Pure Rock & Roll"!

"Pure Rock & Roll worth keeping on the shelf for revisits. The Imperial Dogs savage Carole King and blitz through 'Till The End Of The Day,' 'I'm Waiting For The Man,' 'This Ain't The Summer Of Love,' 'Rock And Roll Queen' and other tunes," writes veteran rock journalist Joe Viglione, placing the Imperial Dogs' Live! In Long Beach (October 30, 1974) DVD at No. 15 here on his April Top 40 blog.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Imperial Dogs Rock In 'Roll' Magazine!

"Displays the Imperial Dogs' reputation as uncompromising outlaws as they rage through classic covers (the Velvet Underground's 'I'm Waiting For The Man,' Mott The Hoople's 'Rock And Roll Queen') and toxic originals ('Loud, Hard & Fast,' 'Amphetamine Superman')" ... "An intriguing document of a forgotten transitional band" ... "Worth it just for bassist Tim Hilger's furry pants and the audience baiting of Iggy-enthralled frontman Don Waller." That's Peter Aarons, writing about the Imperial Dogs' Live! In Long Beach (October 30, 1974) DVD in the (New York) Hudson Valley-based Roll magazine here.