Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fang Mail, Pt. 19

Thought we'd share some more "fang mail" from folks who've actually purchased the Imperial Dogs' Live! In Long Beach (October 30, 1974) DVD.

"You did the Midnite Dog imperially, indeed," writes longtime music journalist/author Don Snowden from Valencia, Spain. "Good thing 'An Evening Of Sex, Violence And Public Outrage" (as promised on the flyer for the gig) was held in the Multi-Purpose Room, but then I guess that's why they built one of 'em ... I presume Don Waller passed on the name of his tailor to (Cramps frontman) Lux Interior."

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Imperial Dogs Unleash Two New Video Clips: 'Just Kids' And 'Intensity 21.5'

On November 11, 1974, the Imperial Dogs performed live! at Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco before a packed house of Hollywood glitterati, including the band's spiritual godfather, Iggy Pop.

To celebrate the 36th anniversary of this footnote in rock history, we've
uploaded two new video clips,which can either be viewed below or here and here.

The first, "Just Kids," features the Imperial Dogs emphasizing the power in "power-pop." (Pop group, are ya?)


The second, "Intensity 21.5," is the sonic result of the Imperial Dogs' experiments in better living through chemistry. (The title is an oblique reference to the density of lead, the heaviest of metals.)


Both of these clips are taken from the Imperial Dogs Live! In Long Beach (October 30, 1974) DVD, which sports superior audio and video quality than these low-res versions and is available directly from this site. (Details can be found in the left-hand column on the first page).