Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What The New Breed Say ...

The first UK review of the Imperial Dogs DVD ("a vitally important link in the chain that connected '60s garage-rock with early'70s heavy metal and on into late '70s punk-rock ... sub-basement primal, burning hot, and fiercely urgent") comes courtesy of former South Bay homeboy, now Londoner Michael Row at Pig State Recon.

The first U.S. review ("charged and fully packed ... a definite wanna-see ... fantastico!") comes courtesy of longtime Back Door Man/Imperial Dogs fan Chris Stigliano at Black2Comm. Scroll down past the Iggy & The Stooges entry to check it out.

And ... the latest review ("an exquisite, Stooges-damaged dive into the dumpster of style -- as punk as a glitter jockstrap caked with blood") comes courtesy of Byron Coley & Thurston Moore's "Bull Tongue" column at Arthur. It's the sixth item in their Top 10.